History and Useful Things!


For many years our family owned company has manufactured and sold our Pop Crystals to leading companies around the world. We are very excited to offer this same Pop Culture to your family and small business. Chocolate, frozen drinks, yogurts, cake frosting, and more limited only by your imagination.




Our Pop Crystals are easy to work with, but there are a few things to keep in mind: 

The Crystals are sensitive to moisture – so when working with a product that has water content (slushie, yogurt, milk shakes and so on – the Pop Crystals should be added when ready to serve, or at least with the wait not too long. Cake frosting for instance – the Crystal’s pop will probably last for a hour or more, but not overnight. Some experiments at home will help you know the timeline. 

 The Crystals are sensitive to heat – in fact starting at about 85-90F the Crystals begin to soften and will lose their pop. So – no you cannot cook them into cookies, but you can mix into an oil (no water!) based frosting to put on the cookies after they are baked.  

The Crystals are sensitive to pressure – so when mixing into drinks, frosting or other stiffer products, MIX GENTLY! 

And that’s it – keep these three things in mind when you are creating, and all will end great!  







Originally invented in the 1950's, and introduced in North America in the 70's as pop rocks, these wonderful popping crystals had not been manufactured in the Western hemisphere for many years.  PoppingFUN is the first and still the only manufacturer of popping crystals (Carbonated Crystals) in the western hemisphere,  with bulk and private label customers all over the world.

Cool candy, crunch candy, Halloween candy, new candy, popping candy, sweet candy, weird candy, yummy candy, kid candy... Popping Fun Carbonated Crystals! A candy AND an ingredient.