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Pop Rocks to Carbonated Crystals™

Originally invented in the 1950's and introduced in North America in the 70's as pop rocks, these wonderful popping crystals had not been manufactured in the western hemisphere for many years. PoppingFUN is the first and still the only manufacturer of popping crystals (Carbonated Crystals™) in the western hemisphere, with bulk and private label customers all over the world.

  • Sweet

    One of our favorite ways to use our Carbonated Crystalsis on something sweet! The perfect popping ingredient to cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more!

  • Cold

    When our Carbonated Crystalsare used on cold items, they are able to preserve their popping the longest! Top ice cream, smoothies, shakes, and more with our Plain or Cocoa Butter Crystals.

  • Sushi?!

    Yes - they've been used on sushi... and more! One of our customers uses the Carbonated Crystalsas an ingredient on top of a sushi roll. Customers love it! There are so many options and ways to use our crystals.

The Sound of Our Carbonated Crystals!

Watch How to Use Our Cocoa Butter Crystals With Your Coffee Below!