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30 LB PopFun Plain Non-GMO Pop Crystals

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The product you love now in a larger size!

We offer bulk sizing options at, but in case you wanted an easy way to pop in and pop out with larger amounts, we've added a 30 LB option. Comparing to other competitor products, the Popping Fun 30lb bag saves you thousands of dollars when shopping in these quantities. The 30 Lb bag contains our Plain Amber crystals that are frequently used in restaurants, bake shops, large companies who want to incorporate our product into their product, and more. Or maybe you just REALLY love these crystals.

The pop needed on a dessert, drink, even sushi! Our Plain Carbonated Crystals are used on sushi rolls to deliver a "pop" that the consumers LOVE! These are just a few ideas. There are sooo many pop-abilities! The Plain flavor gives the unique opportunity of having all the popping fun without the flavor. Fizzle! Pop! Yum!

Item Number: 10010435

Plain Non-GMO Pop Crystals

Plain (no colorant or flavor), uncoated Carbonated Pop Crystals, non-GMO (sugar, lactose, corn syrup solids; processed with carbon dioxide for popping effect.) IMPORTANT: PUSH OUT AIR & CLOSE BAG AFTER EACH SERVING. Safe to store at room temperature (<85F).

Net Weight: 480 oz (30 lb)