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PopFun Plain Non-GMO Pop Crystals 4 lb

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Tried and loved our Carbonated Crystals and use them a lot at home or in your restaurant? The 4lb bag is the size for you! Our Plain Carbonated Crystals are the perfect addition to a recipe without compromising any of the flavor! The pop needed on a dessert, drink, even sushi! Our Plain Carbonated Crystals are used on sushi rolls to deliver a "pop" that the consumers LOVE! These are just a few ideas. There are sooo many pop-abilities! The Plain flavor gives the unique opportunity of having all the popping fun without the flavor. Fizzle! Pop! Yum!

Item Number: 45-5921

Plain Non-GMO Pop Crystals

Plain (no colorant or flavor), uncoated Carbonated Pop Crystals, non-GMO (sugar, lactose, corn syrup solids; processed with carbon dioxide for popping effect.) PUSH OUT AIR & CLOSE BAG AFTER EACH SERVING. Safe to store at room temperature (<85F).

Net Weight: 64 oz (4 LB)